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2019 PlumpyField® network meeting


Ever since its creation in 1986, Nutriset has continued to expand activities to meet the company's initial goal: "feed children". Over the years, the company has built a product range designed to treat and prevent malnutrition, and it continues to broaden research in the nutritional sector. While remaining positioned on its core business, Nutriset has adopted a more in-depth and extensive mandate through an offer of diversified products that target different types of vulnerable populations.

To encourage nutritional self-sufficiency in emerging countries, Nutriset initiated PlumpyField®, a network of local producers, in 2005.

Since 1992, Onyx Development, one of the Group's flagship companies, has worked on creating the basis for a sustainable agro-industry in emerging countries. A shareholder in companies based in emerging countries, Onyx Development supports their growth throughout the agribusiness chain, thereby promoting the role of its partners as economic drivers. In this way, the company aims to forge a new and alternative agribusiness model.

Along with the PlumpyField® network, Group companies focus on the shared goal of facilitating access to high-quality food. All Nutriset Group teams are dedicated to thinking up food for tomorrow, making the most of local plant raw materials, supplying urban populations in emerging countries with products that combine modernity and tradition, designing new food recipes and implementing distribution systems for essential goods. These objectives permeate the Group and are led primarily by the Nutriset, Onyx Development, Tweed and Odet companies. 

Through its companies and shareholding activities, the Nutriset Group is present in France and the United States, as well as in countries that are subject to nutritional and food concerns, such as Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, India, Niger, Nigeria, Madagascar and Sudan.