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Working at Nutriset Group means growing in a family business, human-sized and independent environnement. Our extended corporate mission continuously commits us to respect for individuals and sharing, the pursuit of difference, a culture of risk and challenge, curiosity for the unknown, and self-questioning as a tool for performance.

A stimulating work environment

We are located in Malaunay, 10 min from Rouen, the Norman capital just 1 hour from the sea and 1.5 hours from Paris. Rouen is a city rich in historical and cultural heritage, blending small cobblestone streets and Seine riverbanks, gastronomy and shopping, close to vast forests! A few kilometers away, the Malaunay site is set in a lush green setting amidst nature.


  • Work organization
    Our organization is flexible, founded on trust and respect for the balance between private and professional life. We offer our employees the choice of an hourly or daily package to facilitate daily organization and promote autonomy in managing their missions. We have also implemented partial or total teleworking depending on the needs and organization of the teams. Cohesion being essential for us, we are all present on site each first week of the month to promote exchanges, cultivate conviviality, and mutual assistance.


  • Diversity & Inclusion
    We firmly believe that the diversity of talents is key to our success. That’s why we make it a point of honor to cultivate an environment where every individual can thrive. We integrate employees from all around the world, who bring our mandate to life.


  • Moments of conviviality
    We encourage exchanges and moments of conviviality to develop team spirit, encourage mutual assistance, and stimulate creative synergies. Barbecues, sports days, picnics at the Miromesnil Castle with families, Christmas Tree, Challenge Against Hunger… are all rituals that mark our year.


  • Food & well-being
    We are committed to making the daily life of our teams both simple and healthy. For lunch breaks, a connected fridge offers balanced, varied, savory, and sweet recipes. A food truck offering pizza, panini, salad, is available every Tuesday. During weeks on-site, we also offer good organic fruits, seasonal or from sustainable agriculture, for a healthy break. For the more athletic, classes are available to all employees, to follow among colleagues on-site or via video from home.


Developing each individual’s potential

We listen to our collaborators to allow each individual to flourish professionally and to seize development opportunities aligned with their aspirations. Specifically, we commit to:

  • Valuing professional skills within a welcoming, dynamic, and committed team.
  • Developing each individual’s potential through accredited, qualifying, and even foreign language training.
  • Encouraging a spirit of initiative and innovation through a project-based organization.
  • Opening perspectives on the world to better understand international challenges and contribute to global solutions.
  • Offering short-term assignments and expatriation opportunities to experience one’s profession at the heart of the action.

Integrating our new talents at Nutriset Group

To help our new gems settle in, we have established a comprehensive integration process. From the first day, a dedicated mentor (parrain or marraine) is tasked with welcoming and introducing the different entities, teams, roles, and much more. But that’s just the beginning! Over the weeks, training sessions led by our experienced collaborators provide an in-depth understanding of our activities.

Professional gender equality index


The Nutriset Group's Score in 2023

In the context of the law of September 5, 2018, and the implementing decree that followed on January 8, 2019, aimed at reducing the pay gaps between women and men in the company, Nutriset publishes its index of gender equality for the year 2023.

The index is based on 5 indicators and results in points:




Pay gap between
women and men


Gap in individual pay rises
between women and men


Gap in promotion rates
between men and women



Increases on return
from maternity leave


Number of employees of the
under-represented sex in the 10 highest earners

Our Talents

We are present in France and internationally from research to commercialization. Our professions are highly diverse: in research & development, technical & production, sales, supply chain & purchasing, engineering, marketing & communication, human resources, finance, legal... With our Instant Talent series, come and meet our employees and discover their professions!

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