Providing effective solutions to nutrition and malnutrition challenges


For nearly four decades, Nutriset Group has been globally recognized for its active contribution to fighting all forms of malnutrition.

Our shared commitment and the concerted efforts of our multidisciplinary research and development teams go hand in hand with daily collaboration with all relevant actors: researchers, health and aid workers, public and private international organizations and governments. These multiple collaborations are backed by our core principles: to actively participate in advancing nutrition research; to be grounded in the field to better understand the dietary habits of targeted populations and the distribution methods of nutritional products; to explore new ideas; to integrate into a networked research and development ecosystem with external partners; to promote innovation and to envision the nutrition of tomorrow.


For Nutriset Group, innovating means inventing, manufacturing, and providing effective solutions with high nutritional value to contribute sustainably to a world without hunger; and being capable of ensuring their distribution to our partners, even in emergency conditions. For us, innovation is more than a strategy; it represents a core value at the heart of our activity.

Adeline Lescanne-Gauthier
Managing Director, Nutriset Group