Develop and invest in the value chain in areas of operation

Since 2005 and the establishment of the PlumpyField® producer network, Nutriset Group has been committed to bringing the production of nutritional foods closer to the beneficiaries. The same applies to the value chains associated with the manufacture of RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods) and RUSF (Ready-to-Use Supplementary Foods): we use, as much as possible, raw materials available in our countries of operation.

By bringing together its expertise and skills, Nutriset Group offers a comprehensive approach to developing innovative agri-food solutions, better suited to local constraints and expectations.

We believe that fulfilling our mandate to fight against malnutrition also involves contributing through our PlumpyField® production model in terms of positive effects induced via purchases and supplies from sustainable agricultural chains: a system of production and distribution including producers, processors, and distributors of quality raw materials. To date, we source from tens of thousands of small farmers.

Promote local agricultural sectors

The valorization approach of Nutriset Group and the PlumpyField® network members in upstream local production chains meets several requirements:

  • Ensuring quality of plant raw materials: By developing the most local supply chains possible, this creates jobs and adds value.
  • Exploring new cereals and legumes: Inspired by local tastes, we aim to diversify the recipes of our products with ingredients like peanuts, chickpeas, soybeans, rice, corn, millet, etc.
  • Developing industrial tools and new processing methods: Making these supply chains a lever for local development.
  • Prioritizing short supply chains: To better preserve the environment, we focus on minimizing the distance between the production and consumption of our products, thereby reducing our environmental footprint.

Since 2005, Nutriset Group and the PlumpyField® network have supported and invested in numerous peanut valorization projects, particularly in the Sahel (Guinea, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia) as well as in Madagascar and Haiti. We collaborate with national and international research institutes for the development of nutritionally “improved” varieties.

Vertical integration of the peanut sector: the example of Darfood in Sudan

In Sudan, born in 2017 from a partnership between the Nutriset Group and the Sudanese Yagoub Group, Darfood is the industrial unit dedicated to the processing and transformation of peanuts in El Daein, Darfur, a region particularly suited for this crop. This industrial activity integrates the entire value chain, from supporting the harvesting farmers, trained by Darfood teams and with whom cooperation agreements have been established, to the transformation of the agricultural raw material in all its forms.

These peanuts are then used for industrial purposes such as oil production, transformation into agri-food products, supplying the needs of the Samil factory, a member of the PlumpyField network, located in Khartoum, or for direct consumption (like roasted peanuts).

Today, Darfood significantly contributes to local development, notably employing over 500 direct employees, more than 50% of whom are women, and enabling the generation of additional income for over 10,000 people.

With an ongoing commitment to peanut quality, the R&D project Aflasafe, currently underway, funded by the French Development Agency to the tune of 3 million euros and involving partners Samil and the Yagoub Group, aims to develop a method to reduce aflatoxins.

research projects

Nutriset Group and the PlumpyField® network support and invest in numerous projects.

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