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Tanjaka Food

Founded in 2009 and a member of the network since that year.


With the ambition of sustainably combating malnutrition and backed by its solid experience in the agri-food sector, along with its achievements in industrial production, commercial management, and logistics, the Basan Group, a food products manufacturer since 1963, wished to join the PlumpyField® network to manufacture products from the Plumpy® range. For this activity, the group created a new brand, Tanjaka Food, which today has 100 employees.

As one in every two children under five in Madagascar suffers from malnutrition, the goal is to make these nutritional solutions accessible to NGO to serve the most disadvantaged households on the island, as well as in neighboring countries. To strengthen its impact by treating children from an early age, Tanjaka Food is moving towards implementing a private distribution system for its preventative products.


In Madagascar, in 2022

1.6 M
children under 5
affected by stunting
children under 5
affected by wasting

Source: Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates, 2023 edition


80% of the Malagasy population lives daily on an income of less than $2.15 per day; the indicators of malnutrition are alarming! At Tanjaka Food, we believe that combating child malnutrition is not just a responsibility, but a mission close to our hearts. By leveraging the agricultural and agri-food expertise of the Basan Group and the recognized know-how of the PlumpyField® network, we are committed to making innovative and local solutions available to nourish Madagascar's future!

Randianina Rasoamiaramanana
Managing Director

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