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Founded in 2009 and a member of the network since that year.


Based in Pune, India, 160 km from Mumbai, Nutrivita comprises a team of 50 employees. Its geographical location offers a strategic advantage for the distribution of its products in India and the broader Asian sub-region. The factory meets international quality standards in terms of equipment and production environment.

Thanks to the agricultural potential of the Indian territory and close collaborations with local cooperatives, Nutrivita benefits from a choice supply of raw materials for its main products, thereby strengthening its impact on the local economy. Nutrivita also actively contributes to the sustainable development of its country and local communities, notably through regional reforestation initiatives and entrepreneurial support in the use of solar ovens for domestic purposes.

In India, in 2022

36.1 M
d'enfants de moins de
children under 5
affected by stunting
21.9 M
children under 5
affected by wasting

Source: Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates, 2023 edition


Nutrivita Foods carries the vision of eradicating malnutrition and contributing to the future of a healthier and better-nourished generation. In India, nearly 35% of children under five suffer from stunted growth, a figure we are striving to reduce. That's why, in addition to providing Plumpy solutions, we have launched nutritional education programs in rural communities and established partnerships with local NGOs to reach the most affected regions.

Ajay Sankhe
Managing Director

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