Prevention of malnutrition during the 1000-day period

Lipid-based Nutritional Supplement-Large Quantity (LNS-LQ)

  • 75g sachet [408 kcal]
  • For pregnant and lactating women (PLW)
  • 1 sachet / day / woman



Plumpy’Mum™ provides a combination of micronutrients as well as a balanced intake of protein and energy. The aim is to achieve a positive effect on the nutritional status of the mother during pregnancy, on the child at birth and during its growth.

Plumpy’Mum™ does not replace a varied and nutritious diet. Immediate breastfeeding after birth, exclusive for the first 6 months, is recommended at least until 24 months.



Prenatal fortified balanced energy-protein supplementation and birth outcomes in rural Burkina Faso: A randomized controlled efficacy trial

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