Inauguration Darfood

Darfood inauguration in Soudan.

Dynamism through partnerships

From the beginning, Nutriset and Onyx Development, the Nutriset Group flagship companies, have based their dynamism on diversified partnerships that cover the scope of their activities. 

They include scientific partnerships, through more than sixty international research programs in the areas of nutrition and food that combine medical and anthropological expertise; economic and financial partnerships to back the creation of agribusiness companies in developing countries, particularly with the PlumpyField® network; industrial partnerships with agribusiness companies in emerging areas to make the most of local agricultural and transformation industries; partnerships to support the supervision and professional training of agribusiness players in Africa and Asia; and partnerships with international organizations, foundations, NGOs and governments of both industrialized and developing countries.

Within the Nutriset Group, Onyx Development has as its special mission to build high-quality agribusiness entrepreneurship. 
Its action in emerging countries is based on a dual conviction. On the one hand, the creation and support of economic activities provides a strong driver for growth. On the other, innovation in the area of high-quality food leads to better health and a proper food supply for local populations.
As a member of a family-owned and independent Group, Onyx Development promotes an original socio-economic model with meaning and true value. 
It acts in three main areas: create and support a network of agribusiness companies in countries where access to food is a recurrent problem; invent food for tomorrow by designing innovative products that take advantage of local raw materials; and develop collaborative research that capitalizes on knowledge.
At the heart of this approach, in both developed and developing countries, the company acts to catalyze potential.