Plumpy'Nut® distribué au Burkina Faso

Plumpy'Nut® distributed at the CREN of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Nutritional autonomy for all

The Nutriset Group came into being through the inspiration of its founder, Michel Lescanne, an agricultural engineer who was a specialist in the dairy industry. In 1986, he created the Nutriset Company in Normandy (France), with the mandate to "feed children". The combat against malnutrition in developing countries was just beginning. Combining the work of nutritionists with the needs of humanitarians, Nutriset quickly produced innovative agro-industrial solutions that international humanitarian associations could use to treat severe forms of malnutrition. First, therapeutic milks were produced, followed by ready-to-use food paste packets.

Over the years, continuing research enabled Nutriset to expand its product range and scope of activity to provide therapeutic treatments and preventive products, while implementing increasingly fine-tuned actions on population groups. Since its creation, Nutriset has aimed to feed vulnerable populations in underdeveloped countries and provide field participants (humanitarian workers, United Nations, governments) with innovative and effective nutritional products.

Along with its partners, Nutriset has initiated radical changes in the treatment and prevention of the different types of malnutrition through a new community approach. It is based on a strong mandate that involves facilitating nutritional autonomy for all (the ability of a country or community to implement a lasting system that identifies the nutrients necessary for physical development and health and makes these nutrients available to the local population).

Synergy among the various Nutriset Group entities has enabled placing nutritional autonomy within a broader context of access to high-quality food, with the advantageous use of local raw materials and the creation of a sustainable agro-industry in developing countries, in particular through the PlumpyField® network of local producers.