A sustained family commitment


Nutriset Group is the avant-garde creation of one man, Michel Lescanne. Driven by a passion for Development, Africa, and the cause of the children, he founded Nutriset in 1986 in Normandy (France) to address an urgent and unmet need: to help children affected by severe acute malnutrition in southern countries.


Almost forty years ago, driven by the absolute urgency of "feeding children", I founded Nutriset. Our innovations, the largest of which - Plumpy’Nut, have revolutionised the fight against malnutrition, allowing the front-line actors to invent new practices of delivering aid. Our mobilisation continued with the creation of the PlumpyField® network to contribute to nutritional autonomy for all, by supporting the most vulnerable populations so that they can meet their own nutritional needs.

Michel Lescanne
Founder and President, Nutriset Group

Nearly 40 years later, the company has evolved into a multinational group present in 11 countries.
A family business managed today by the second generation, we pride ourselves on financial independence and complete governance freedom, combining long-term positive impact and strict and consistent financial management.


I’m strongly convinced that everyone should be able to emerge from childhood with full physiological and cognitive potential. Nutrition is not just a basic need, but the very foundation of everyone’s vital development and well-being. This is why we act, wherever access to sufficient and diversified food is lacking, so that all essential nutritional needs are met, at every stage of life.
Faced with increasingly complex issues every day, we are firmly resolved to be the catalyst for a collective and large-scale momentum, bringing innovation and ever more appropriate responses.

Adeline Lescanne-Gautier
Managing Director, Nutriset Group

An innovative model of governance

To ensure the sustainability of our mission and to guarantee the means to achieve our objectives, the company’s mandate Fight against malnutrition was included in the company’s statutes as early as 2015. In collaboration with Mines Paris-PSL (French engineering school), the company became the first in France to adopt an Extended Corporate Purpose.

This Extended Corporate Purpose aligns the company’s management to the values of its shareholders in a dynamic process of collective collaboration. Through the application of nine principles, the purpose influences and guides all strategies and facilitates the implementation of an innovative model of governance involving all the company’s stakeholders.

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