1986 – Creation of the Nutriset company with the mandate of "Feeding children"


Michel Lescanne founds Nutriset with the goal of feeding vulnerable people in low-income countries and providing humanitarian actors workers with innovative and effective nutritional products.

1996 – Development of Plumpy'Nut®, the first Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition


After creating the therapeutic milks F-75 and F-100, Nutriset develops Plumpy’Nut®, the first ready-to-use nutritive paste (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food or RUTF).

2005 – Implementation of the PlumpyField® network


Initiated by Nutriset, the PlumpyField® network gathers independant entrepreneurs who locally manufacture and provide products of Nutriset in countries affected by malnutrition. 
PlumpyField® members round out the Nutriset offer and are drivers of local development by promoting local agriculture, processing food and contributing to the combat against malnutrition.

2012 – Mandate given to Onyx Développement to build a sustainable agro-industry

Nutrivita India Production Boutique Barika Ouagadougou Darfood Sudan transformation d'arachides


In conjunction with Nutriset, Onyx Développement is developing an operational/business activity to support the growth of agri-food companies in low-income countries, to create a knowledge base and to work towards high quality food.

2013 – Development of supplementation products (LNS-SQ)


Nutriset develops nutritional supplements based on the "1,000 days" concept. This defines the nutritional needs of a child from conception to the age of 24 months.

2014 – The Nutriset Group is established in order to harmonise activities, with the objective to facilitate access to high quality food

Boutique Barika Ouagadougou Distribution de Grandibien® Darfood Sudan


The idea behind the name « Nutriset Group » is to raise the profile of the synergies of the associated companies and partners, whose mandate is to maximise access to high quality food.

2015 – Adoption of a governance system with an "expanded corporate purpose"

Présidence Groupe Nutriset Comité Objet Social Etendu et Nutriset Brainstorming Groupe Nutriset


Nutriset is the first company in France to adopt an "expanded corporate purpose" that guides shareholders, managers and employees towards a common horizon: "Bringing effective proposals to nutrition/malnutrition issues". 

2016 – Development of food products based on local recipes

Tantie Babenda produit Barika Carton de sachets Ochata Barika Consommatrice de Ochata


For the Nutriset Group, access to better quality food requires the development of agricultural sectors and raw materials, local processing and the establishment of innovative distribution networks.

2017 – Inauguration of Darfood's groundnut processing plant in Sudan

Team Darfood Sudan Equipe Darfood Sudan Inauguration Darfood Sudan


The opening of this food processing plant is Darfur (Sudan) is the result of a partnership initiated in 2014 between Onyx Développement and the Sudanese company SAY (the Yagoub family holding company). This is a first for a disadvantaged region.