Distribution Grandibien® maman au Burkina Faso

Growell® mum's distribution campaign in Burkina Faso.


An association of partner company initiatives

The Nutriset Group defines itself as an association of partner company initiatives covering three main areas of activity: development of a sustainable agro-industry, nutrition and access to high-quality food.


With 18 partners in 11 countries, the Group focuses on three main sectors: research, production and distribution.


The Nutriset Group aims to:

  • Supply innovative and nutritive food products with recognized effectiveness for treating and preventing various types of malnutrition;
  • Design and produce food that is based on local plant raw materials and traditional tastes;
  • Fund and support the development of a sustainable agro-industry in emerging countries.


These three major goals correspond to complementary approaches to nutrition and food:

  • Emergency humanitarian aid for the severely undernourished;
  • Reliable food resources for the most vulnerable populations;
  • Adequate local food supply for the greatest number.


The Nutriset Group came into being following the creation of the Nutriset family company by Michel Lescanne in 1986 in Normandy (France). An agricultural engineer, Lescanne was the first to fully dedicate his business to developing agro-industrial solutions for undernourished children; at the time, these solutions were inexistent. Mindful of the needs of humanitarian organizations and aware of the most recent work in nutritional medicine, Nutriset was able, soon after it was founded, to propose nutritional products that would revolutionize the treatment and prevention of malnutrition in emerging countries, such as F-100 and F-75 milks and ready-to-use food packets like PlumpyNut®, the most well-known of the line. During three decades of research and activity, Nutriset and Onyx Development, the Group's flagship companies, diversified and expanded their approaches by organizing the PlumpyField® network of local producers, by developing their activity in research and the production of food for tomorrow and by supporting the creation of a responsible agro-industry in emerging countries.