Training as part of the VAMP project

2 November 2023
Nutriset Group with its partner Bless Laboratory Services PLC contribute to maintaining the quality of raw materials and, in particular the local ones, through their involvement in the VAMP project (sélection Variétale pour l’Amélioration des Matières Prelmières – Varietal Selection for the Improvement of Raw Materials).

In this contact, the Bless Laboratory Services PLC staff was able to follow the Near Infra Red Spectroscopy training provided by Dave Hoisington, Director of the Peanut Innovation Lab at The University of Georgia. This method enables the analysis of the essential fatty acid profiles of peanuts in an inexpensive, non-destructive, robust, and rapid way requiring no chemical sample preparation.

The Peanut Innovation Lab is a food security initiative that stands for innovative science to improve peanut production and raise awareness on nutrition in developing countries, and for which funding support is provided by USAID – Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance.


Many thanks for the time and the high-quality training provided to our teams.


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