The national Industry Day

9 September 2023
On Saturday, the national Industry Day was taking place in Ethiopia under the 2023 theme: “Ethiopia, from producer to consumer”.


Hilina Enriched Foods PLC was proudly selected to host the celebration of this day and had the honor to welcome an official delegation made of H.E Muferihat Kamil, the Minister of Labor & Skills, the State Ministers from the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Mines, the French Ambassador and members of national and local authorities.




A great opportunity for Hilina Enriched Foods’ team to demonstrate the high-quality manufacturing processes and capabilities to produce RUTF to fight against malnutrition in Ethiopia and its region, as well as the importance of strengthening the private-public partnership to meet the growing demands of the humanitarian actors.

Happy Industry Day!

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