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8 April 2024
A good nutritional status is an essential component in the prevention and cure of various diseases and medical conditions.

At Nutriset Group, we are strongly convinced that nutrition must be integrated in health care systems in low- and middle-income countries to prevent and reduce diseases.

NutriHope® fibre is a high-protein nutritional powder to be reconstituted for oral and/or enteral feeding of at risk or disease-related malnourished adult patients.

NutriHope® fibre has been designed to ease preparation, adjust to patient needs (medium or high energy formula), facilitate administration (oral or enteral tube feeding) and reduce logistics and storage costs; all of which can be barriers to nutritional therapy in certain contexts.


We are pleased to launch a new website dedicated to this latest innovation.

This website is intended for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and NGOs, as well as patients at home, to provide them with:

  • Recommendations for use and video storage and downloadable illustrated instructions
  • Replenishment tables of formulas indicating energy and protein intakes
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • A contact form for all other questions

This tool will be a real asset to inform users and facilitate their handling of the product.

It is accessible via a link available on the product data sheet, or via a QR code present on all NutriHope® fibre boxes.


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