Innovation in sustainability 

11 April 2024

VAMP : Bless training by the JLA Argentina


At Nutriset Group, we aim to create positive socio-economic and environmental impacts in the global value chain where the members of the PlumpyField network are based, and broadly.

The VAMP project, an initiative supporting the local peanut value chain, demonstrates since its launch significant enhancement of the peanut nutritional values, focusing on amino and fatty acids for better growth and cognitive development.

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts we partner with this project, Bless Laboratory Services PLC and Hilina Enriched Foods PLC; and a year of strategic planning Monique Chan Huot, we’ve overcome numerous challenges, including international collaborations and administrative hurdles.

Huge thanks to JLA Argentina for their crucial volunteer role in sharing expertise and knowledge. Their training, at the heart of the Argentinian peanut circuit, contributes to strengthening the skill development Bless Laboratory Services PLC, well done Asefa Belay.

Together, let’s keep pushing the boundaries for a more sustainable production!


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