Tri des arachides Darfood Soudan

Sorting peanuts at the oil mill.

The example of Darfood in Sudan

In 2017, the French-Sudanese Darfood company implanted a first industrial site for the processing and promotion of peanuts. This modern agro-industry implantation is a first in an area of the world that is more often in the news for other reasons. The opening of this agribusiness plant was the concrete result of a partnership created in 2014 between Onyx Development (Nutriset Group) and SAY, a Sudanese company that is a holding of the Yagoub family, which carries out a number of industrial and commercial activities in Sudan.

Within the Nutriset Group, Onyx Development is in charge of partnerships for building a sustainable agro-industry in emerging countries. The company has already worked with SAY through the Samil Industrial company of Khartoum that produces Nutriset-designed nutritional solutions of the Plumpy'Nut® and Plumpy'Sup™ type.

The Darfood project, which is supported by the Dutch governmental agency EVD, created 200 jobs and has a processing capacity of 150 MT per day.

With the Darfood company, Onyx Development and SAY are working on a project devoted to making the most of peanuts grown in Darfur, a region that is particularly appropriate for this crop. The industrial project covers the entire industry, from providing support for farmers, who were trained by Darfood and who work under cooperation agreements, to the various types of transformations made to the agricultural raw material. Implementation of production at this industrial unit gave a strong boost to local development and entailed full use of this agro-industry, which carries out a continuing search for quality.

Darfood transforms peanuts for industrial use (into oil or agribusiness products) or uses them directly for food (roasted peanuts). Products are sold on the domestic market and are also exported.