Production Nutrivita Inde

Production area of Nutrivita, agro-industriy based in Pune (India).

Three missions for Onyx Développement

Designed as an investment firm within the Nutriset Group, Onyx Development relies on its financial independence and family governance to support the growth of socially responsible companies and create lasting value, especially in emerging countries. Its three main missions are:

As a shareholder, investor and administrator, Onyx Development supports its partners in structuring their company and reinforcing skills, as well as in mastering management. It intervenes in both product development and product launch support. Onyx Development also provides financial support to encourage the growth of partner activity. The implementation of healthy governance is a key concern tied to this support.

Onyx Development facilitates the acquisition and spread of knowledge in the agribusiness chain, from "pitchfork to fork," through academic or applied research partnerships in France and worldwide, with prestigious schools, universities and centers of learning, such as Ecole des Mines-Paris Tech (the chairs of Theory and Method for Innovative Design and Theory of the Company, Governance and Collective Creation Models), IEDES (SAOATI Research Agreement on Ensuring Food Supply: Goals, Players and Innovation Pathways), CIRAD, Agro-Paris Tech, SupBiotech, SupAgro, the University of Caen Basse-Normandie and AZAO..

In synergy with other Nutriset Group companies, Onyx Development supports a number of innovative initiatives to create food for tomorrow in emerging countries by making the most of agricultural raw materials, implanting an analytical approach, designing and producing new recipes and food products, implementing distribution networks, supporting the international PlumpyField® network and specializing in the treatment of malnutrition.