VAMP Project in Ethiopia

26 May 2023

Launch of the agronomic trials of new peanut varieties in Ethiopia as part of the VAMP project

We are proud to be part of the consortium composed of Haramaya University, Mercy Corps (Addis-Abeba local office), Hilina Enriched Foods PLC, Bless Agri Food Laboratory Services and Nutriset Group.

Adapted to climate change, attractive from an agronomic point of view and benefiting from high nutritional properties, the introduction of new peanut varieties is important not only for the local production of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) – Plumpy’Nut®, but also for the Ethiopian food security, providing then positive socio-economic impacts throughout the peanut value chain.

This initiative takes part of the VAMP project (sélection Variétale pour l’Amélioration des Matières Premières – Varietal Selection for the nutritional enhancement of raw material), already deployed in 7 countries where the members of the PlumpyField® network are located, and coordinated within Groupe Nutriset.


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