Jean-Christophe on the field
Jean-Christophe is under negotiation with the supplier.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I'm Jean-Christophe, Director of Purchasing at Nutriset. I joined the company in 1999 after obtaining a master's degree in Law and Economics at the University of Rouen.

How did you join Nutriset?

I learned about Nutriset through a job offer at the APEC employment agency. I was interviewed on the spot when I put in my application, which pleased me greatly. I discovered a very dynamic and responsive recruitment process. I recognized my way of operating.
When I arrived as an Assistant Director at Nutriset, there were only about a dozen of us. We were all multifaceted; we had to start from scratch. Ideas shot out in all directions. We wanted to write the story of Nutriset.
I gradually focused on managing euros and their associated kilos for production and thus became a specialist in Purchasing.

What's your job?

I work for Nutriset and in support of PlumpyField® network needs (demands for raw materials and packaging items).

Purchasing involves several aspects.
From an internal viewpoint, the purchaser buys for Production, the internal customer, and aims to serve the customer's interest and company strategy by obtaining the best price/commercial service ratio. Other customers are Logistics, Quality and F&A. The purchaser catalyzes the needs of each service. The purchaser works cross-company.
From an external viewpoint, I must know the markets, actors, risks, industries and seasonal variations through intelligence gathering and keeping abreast of quality regulations; I must also be aware of innovative trends. This involves travel, trade shows, visits to suppliers and joint visits with the Quality Service.

To be a purchaser, you must be curious and able to listen.
The purchasing function is anything but monotonous: laws and demands change. Nutriset's growth also requires constantly adapting.

What do you especially remember at Nutriset?

In 2003, the first UNICEF audit. We were bubbling over. When the auditors left, some twenty of us met in the Director's office and were told that the audit went off well. I realized that this successful audit was the element that would trigger the success of Nutriset.