Ingrid - Closing remarks to the training of temporary workers at Yvetot CFA (Apprentice Training Center)

Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Ingrid Martin; I'm thirty-three and am an Assistant in the Skills and Work Life Service.


How did you join Nutriset?

After several different types of professional experience, I joined Nutriset as a temporary Production Operator in 2008. I received a long-term contract in 2010.
In 2012, I joined the Skills and Work Life Service. This allowed me to discover Human Resources, an area that I wasn't originally meant to work in, since my technical degree is for a "Trilingual Assistant Secretary" and I have a diploma as "Advanced Technician in Maritime Transport and Related Activities".


What is your day like as a departmental assistant?

I manage relations with temporary employment agencies and part-time workers, track schedules, provide administrative and financial management for training, establish onboarding schedules for new arrivals, track visits to the occupational physician and so on.
The Human Resources function implies being in contact with co-workers to answer their questions each day, as well as with all other services in a "customer-supplier" relationship in various areas. It's anything except a routine job.


What do you especially remember?

The day I was summoned by executive management, when I was working in production. I was offered a long-term position, which I didn't expect at all!


What does Nutriset represent for you?

Strong human values, both because of the company's activity and because of the everyday approach to work, as well as the ability to adapt and mobilize all teams.