Mouhamed at the 21st International Congress of Nutrition in Buenos Aires

Tell me about yourself.

I'm a public health nutritionist. I joined Nutriset in June 2016 as the Nutrition and Public Health Officer in the External Research and Nutritional Strategies (RESN) department.


What did you do before joining Nutriset?

I have a master's degree in nutritional agro-promotion for public health with a major in "nutrition in developing countries," which I obtained from Montpellier University II, as well as another master's degree in "nutrition, energy metabolism and signaling" from Paris Diderot University and Paris Descartes University.

My professional career has allowed me to work in both the field and the research laboratory. In particular, I carried out research focusing on the link between certain genetic mutations and metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes and hypertension, as well as on the effect of leptin treatment on the adipose tissue of lipodystrophy patients, which is sometimes characterized by an almost total absence of adipose mass (fat).

In the field, I was responsible for tracking and evaluating a program that aims to improve the nutritional situation of mothers and children in several villages in a region of Mauritania. Finally, I worked as a consultant for the implementation of national nutritional surveys in Mauritania and on the evaluation of multi-sectorial programs to combat malnutrition in Niger.


How did your introduction to the company go?

When I arrived at Nutriset, I went around the departments to understand their specific activities and missions. I was assigned a "sponsor" who told me all about company culture, made me feel welcome and took me to visit offices and the plant. I signed up for the soccer club to play every Wednesday right after work. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. In my department, I felt at home right away. My co-workers helped me with administrative procedures and the scope of my missions within RESN.


What's your job?

Nutrition Focal Point: support from Operations and other services to answer technical questions concerning RUTF, RUSF and SQ-LNS; FAQ updating and technical support for sales documents; validation of nutritional specifications for all new commercial product formulas;

Project Manager: analyze protocols and research related to RUTF and RUSF projects and projects that test the effectiveness of a new product on growth, morbidity, mortality and cognition (public health indicators);

Training in nutrition

Responsible for certain road map drivers.


How do you keep up with developments in your area?

Mainly through research and bibliographical intelligence, the newsletters I'm subscribed to, social networks (Twitter and Facebook, where the publication of new reports is often announced), participating in international meetings on nutrition and also through my interactions with our research partners in the area of nutrition.