Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Aurélie, I have a background in agri-food engineering with experiences in production, R&D, quality assurance and global project management. 
During my studies, I had the chance to study in Canada and to complete an internship in Mauritania which had a profound influence on me. 
Then I worked for retail distribution, notably for breakfast cereals, sandwiches and syrups. When I started my agri-food studies, my aim was to leverage industrial facilities to feed the world. Joining Nutriset made therefore a lot of sense. 


What has been your career in Nutriset?

I joined Nutriset in 2010, in R&D, initially to help develop new ingredients. After a few months, I was managing production of research products for clinical studies, ensuring the same quality and repeatability as commercial productions. This was a new position, which I helped structure. It has allowed me to work with teams from production, quality, logistics, research, procurement and IT. 
Then I moved on to work on crosscutting projects with a strong focus on supply chain. 
Today, I am Data Manager, a new function at Nutriset.  


What's your job?

The Data Manager is responsible for the consistency and the organization of data within the company to ensure its best use by all business units and its security, internally and externally with our stakeholders. 
The post is involved in all corporate projects where data is a key component. It is a connector between the IT service and the company’s multiple trades.
My constant goal: guaranty the proper organization and integrity of our data! My experience holding multiple positions and good understanding of all departments at Nutriset help me a lot for this new role. It also allows me to discover trades which I knew less, because I hadn’t worked with as closely as I do now. 


What other departments do you work with on a daily basis?

All of them!


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Considering Nutriset is constantly evolving, it is difficult to say what I will be doing in 10 years. Probably holding another position, with a new set of challenges, to contribute to the development and growth of the Nutriset Group!