Tell me about yourself.

I'm Hervé and I'm 44 years old. After being in charge of a nautical company for seven years and manufacturing boat sails for ten years, I joined Nutriset when I was studying general engineering and working toward a master's degree in continual improvement and industrial performance.


Why did you join Nutriset?

I chose Nutriset because of three key factors:

  • An internship opportunity.
  • Human relationships on all levels that matched the company's goals. All employees, from operators to managers, serve our beneficiaries. This feeling is omnipresent and is what sustains us.
  • The company goals, which make you want to contribute.


What's your job?

I currently coordinate operational excellence in the operational center. My job consists in managing a dynamic that encourages each participant to create sustainable performance. This means developing the company's agility in order to satisfy customers, while generating profit so that investment can continue.

It also means innovating to anticipate and meet needs, as well as in the manufacturing process to maintain a sufficient level for efficient production. And, above all, innovating at the human level to guarantee organizational evolution and individual and group skills.


What other departments do you work with on a daily basis?

In my area, the human aspect has a predominant place because it must define goals and do everything possible to implement them at all levels. Great strength lies in being able to mobilize the thinking of all internal and external participants toward this goal, not in the sense of indoctrination, but, on the contrary, as active participation by each individual to build and accomplish this shared project while guaranteeing quality of life on the job.


What does Nutriset represent for you?

Nutriset was built on the idea of combating malnutrition. The small nucleus that created, produced and distributed the products to meet this need developed like a start-up. Today, we must copy this way of working to create new products and concepts within the structure of a large company. This is what I want to participate in so that the combat will continue.