Sophie-Anne meeting women in Malawi
At Amina's place, in the village of Lungwena (Malawi). ©Ulla Ashorn

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Sophie-Anne Sauvegrain. I first studied agro-development (at the ISTOM school), then anthropology at the university. I have worked mainly in the Mediterranean region: in Marseille/Alep/Montpellier on topics related to Mediterranean food and youth. From the land of olive trees, I came to the land of apple trees.


How did your introduction to the company go?

Gradually, Normandy was a new and unknown destination for me (both professionally and personally). I was very touched by my welcome to the Lescanne family guest house at Malaunay.


What's your job?

My job tends to bring elements of understanding of contexts and to highlight the socio-cultural dimension of food. This year, I provided support for the anthropological aspects of certain Development Center projects and made a country file to present the "food system" in Niger (essentially bibliographical work). I also participated in "Populations in Movement" for the Roulotte de l'Imaginaire.


What other departments do you work with on a daily basis?

For the projects I participate in, I interact with the Nutrition, R&D, Operations and Innovation departments. I also work closely with a Socio-Anthropologist at Onyx Développement.