Tell me about yourself.

I'm Barbara, Quality Assurance Assistant. I'm 31 and the mother of two. I've worked at Nutriset since 2010.


How did you join Nutriset?

After earning a technical degree as an Executive Assistant, I looked unsuccessfully for a job for eight months. Then, I asked a friend who worked at Nutriset if he could give my résumé to his shift manager so that I could do temporary work in Production. After a few months on the production line, my supervisor suggested I train as a line conductor. This job was completely different from what I was used to and gave me a lot of new skills. In addition, the work atmosphere was really friendly. These two points encouraged me to stay at Nutriset, in spite of the fact that this type of work was far removed from my basic training. I had the opportunity to move to Quality Assurance. My experience as a line conductor made the work I now do for Quality Assurance more pertinent.


What does your daily job involve?

I'm in charge of writing and distributing information on regulatory changes; I record and distribute documents from the documentary system and make sure they are renewed; I prepare responses to bids; I transmit Quality documents to the various services; I supply Quality documents for audits; I communicate RASFF alerts (European health alerts); and I assist my manager with various files.


Can you tell us about a typical day at Nutriset?

First of all, a typical day at Nutriset is lots of friendliness, learning and collaborative work. Meals are a time for sharing, work is done in collaboration and across the company, meetings are interactive and co-workers are ready to help each other out and want to transmit their knowledge.


What do you especially remember at Nutriset?

Sports day last year was an occasion to meet colleagues you don't work with on a daily basis. We laughed a lot, and I felt real bonding. The company spirit was very strong.


What does Nutriset represent for you?

Nutriset is an innovative company with real values. It's dedicated to a worthy cause; it's a good place to work and a place where you can move forward.