Tanti Babenda Barika

Tanti Babenda, made by Jugaad and distributed by par Barika®.

The example of Jugaad in Burkina Faso

Jugaad is a subsidiary of Onyx Development and is home to various activities in Burkina Faso, such as manufacturing food products, stimulating economic players, carrying out studies and distributing and marketing products and services.

Food products manufactured by Jugaad meet the demands of new urban arrivals in emerging countries, who want to combine modernity and tradition. Old and popular Burkina Faso recipes, such as babenda, benga or ochata, were reworked after studying consumer tastes and proposed for consumption according to modern standards of quality, preservation and preparation, while satisfying traditional tastes. This food is made with fresh produce, cooked on site and preserved using a specific and 100% natural sterilization process that guarantees a healthy product and long conservation at room temperature.