Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Nutriset Group has mobilized all its resources to ensure the safety of its employees while strengthening its production capabilities and the agility of its operations. 


COVID-19 : This crisis further strengthens our commitment to combating malnutrition in Ethiopia

Interview with Hilina Belete, Managing Director of Hilina Enriched Foods

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COVID-19 : The crisis can be an accelerator for nutrition and health research

Interview with Mamane Zeilani, Director of External Research and Nutritional Strategies

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COVID-19 : With the PlumpyField network, ensure continuity and proximity

Interview with Faustine Lescanne-Malo, Director of PlumpyField

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COVID-19 : The commitment of our employees and service providers has made a difference

Interview with Sébastien Decubber, Director of Exploitation at Nutriset

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COVID-19 : maintaining a sense of purpose and connection at work

Interview with Thomas Couaillet, Managing Director of Nutriset

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COVID-19 : We are ready for the emergency

Interview with Adeline Lescanne-Gautier, Managing Director of the Nutriset Group

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FlashBack about the management of the COVID19 sanitary crisis at Nutriset Group by RTL media

For the French national deconfinement scheduled on May 11, Adeline Lescanne-Gautier - Nutriset Group Managing Director – lively shared, at the microphone of Yves Calvi, Christelle Rebière and Jérôme Florin, on RTL radio, the impacts of the health crisis on her company and its teams.