As in many companies, the Nutriset Group, in conjunction with its partners, has become aware of environmental issues.

This perception has become more pronounced in recent years, because the core of our business, which involves working for vulnerable population groups in low-income countries, brings us face to face on a daily basis with the rise in inequality, environmental degradation and the conflicts which are triggered by global warming.


In addition, our direct contacts and partners, in particular the United Nations agencies, international organizations, NGOs and the governments of the program countries, who are acutely aware of these issues, in turn, heighten our concerns about these questions.

Furthermore, the Group’s creation in 2005 of a network of producers in the world’s most fragile countries has brought the gravity of these situations into ever sharper focus.




We are convinced that today’s challenges are global. If our core business remains the fight against malnutrition, this will be all the more effective in a world looked after by everyone.

  • A utility for society guaranteed by its mandate, by developing nutritional solutions that meet the needs expressed by vulnerable people, by contributing to the development of health policies through public-private partnerships and by supporting a sustainable agro-industry in the programmatic countries.
  • Responsibility in the positive management of its ecosystem, by reducing its environmental footprint, by guaranteeing the employment, integrity and well-being of its employees, by deploying a responsible purchasing policy, etc.
  • A direct contribution to the common good, by initiating procedures for acquiring and sharing knowledge in the field of social or applied sciences or by supporting philanthropic initiatives aimed at vulnerable groups.

Therefore, year after year, we bolster our actions in terms of support for environmental causes. We act from the local to the global: from micro-initiatives on our Normandy site to the implementation of ecological procedures affecting the impact of our products or the acquisition of raw materials on an international scale.

We are challenging our different activities: by greening our factories, by rolling-out good practices on a daily basis, by raising the awareness of our teams, and by establishing local partnerships.

In this sense, 2020 has witnessed a step-change : with the drafting of our global environmental policy and our accession to the Global Compact. We have the conviction and the ambition: now is the time to for action.

More information (slide 29 to 34), Read Nutriset Group 1st COP (Global Compact)



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