1. COVID-19: maintaining a sense of purpose and connection at work

    COVID-19: maintaining a sense of purpose and connection at work

  2. UN Global Compact logo

    UN Global Compact : the Nutriset Group joins the French network

  3. Nutriset, Labeled " Vitrines Industrie du Futur"

    Nutriset, a hyperagile model thanks to "enhanced" employees".

  4. COVID-19

    COVID-19: We are ready for the emergency

  5. With Plumpy'Soy™, Nutriset is expanding its range of nutritional solutions to be integrated into health programs targeting communicable diseases.

    Tuberculosis: integrated nutritional support for TB patients with Plum...

  6. Nutriset presents Plumpy'UP to healthcare professionals in Southern Africa

    Plumpy’UP™: Southern Africa distribution partners mobilized to improve...

  7. Nutriset at the SUN global gathering

  8. WASH'Nutrition interventions are possible using a combination of Nutriset and Aquatabs® products

    WASH'Nutrition: facilitating access to safe drinking water with Aquata...

  9. © Nathalie Oundjian - BPI France

    Nutriset receives the "Vitrine Industrie du Futur" label by the AIF

  10. Speech by Michel Lescanne at the awards of the "Grand Prix du Rayonnement Français" 2019, humanitarian category

    Nutriset receives the Grand Prix du Rayonnement Français 2019 in the h...

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