Nutrik - PlumpyField Member - Nigeria

As part of the year of nutrition and the N4G summit, the Nutriset Group takes actions alongside public, private and civil society actors in the fight against malnutrition. Between 2022 and 2025, the Nutriset Group is committed to:


  • Strengthen the skills of the members of the PlumpyField® network and to increase the local production capacities of nutritional solutions aimed at preventing and treating malnutrition - (Focus 1).


  • Put its technical know-how and nutritional expertise for the first 1000 days of life by producing and making available SQ-LNS supplementation solutions - (Focus 2).


  • Train more than 800 employees of the PlumpyField® network worldwide on healthy food and good nutritional practices - (Focus 3).


  • Raise awareness about the undernutrition of the elderly, offer an innovative nutritional solution and improve the awareness of key players in France on supporting seniors losing their autonomy (Focus 4).



A milestone in the United Nations decade of action on nutrition (2016/2025), 2021 is the year of Nutrition. This december Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit aims to draw global attention to the issues of hunger and malnutrition.

Malnutrition is a scourge exacerbated by conflict, climate change, economic crises and the COVID-19 pandemic.



Through its mandate "To Fight Against Malnutrition", the Nutriset Group is constantly and directly concerned by the nutrition field. The Group is convinced that a healthy and good nutrition is a lever for the health of individuals, for economic and social development, and for creating a better world.



Let us accelerate this dynamic - thanks to our examplarity - by renewing our commitments to ensure a sustainable healthy nutrition for all,  despite the crisis.




PlumpyField is a network of entrepreneurs primarily based in Southern countries, also known as Programmatic Countries, who manufacture ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition with international quality standards.

The Nutriset Group - founder and pilot of the PlumpyField network - provides know-how, technical assistance on Quality, Industrial Development and shares its results in terms of Research and Development.



The Child's 1000 Days of life -  the period from conception to the child's 2nd birthday - is a crucial period for a child's motor and cognitive development. The Nutriset Group has developed a whole range of products for mothers and children to fight maternal and child undernutrition in fragile contexts.

The Nutriset Group is committed to promote the importance of nutrition during this period, and to produce products that meet scientific and international recommendations so that as many vulnerable people as possible can benefit from them. Nutritional supplementation solutions, notably offered by the Nutriset Group, have been recommended by The Lancet in order to reduce maternal and child undernutrition.



The PlumpyField® network must be a place of exchange and mobilization of its partners, through technological sharing, pooling of information, joint consultation and incentives for innovation. Training is the place for sharing and nutrition is at the center of our topic.

The Nutriset Group has the internal knowledge to promote good practices related to healthy diet. Each employee and members of their family will benefit from this expertise with the aim of strengthening knowledge about nutrition. The Nutriset Group is therefore committed until 2025 to train all employees and strengthen their knowledge in nutrition, breastfeeding and healthy eating.



The undernutrition of seniors is a growing phenomenon: over 15 to 38% of the elderly in institutions, from 30 to 70% of the elderly in hospitals, and 4 to 10% of the elderly at home are concerned.

In a context of global aging of populations in northern countries, the Nutriset Group, on the strength of its nutritional experience with the most vulnerable, undertakes for the next 4 years to promote this subject among the population and decision-makers while proposing innovative solutions to prevent loss of autonomy.

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