Hexagon Nutrition signed a franchise agreement with the Nutriset Group on Friday, July 17th 2020, for the manufacture and distribution of nutritional solutions designed by Nutriset. The Thoothukkudi (India) based company becomes the 12th member of the international PlumpyField network.

July 17, 2020. Malaunay (France) -Thoothukkudi (India)

Hexagon Nutrition, which specializes in the production of nutritional solutions to combat malnutrition, and the Nutriset Group announce the signing of an industrial franchise agreement. This agreement will allow the Indian company to manufacture the products of the Plumpy' and Enov' ranges designed by Nutriset.


«We are delighted with this agreement and the signing of this franchise with Hexagon Nutrition. The nutritional stakes in Southeast Asia are indeed considerable. The entry of Hexagon Nutrition, as a recognized partner, in the PlumpyField network of producers will strengthen the action of our common partners, such as Unicef or the World Food Programme. Welcome to Hexagon Nutrition!»

Adeline Lescanne-Gautier, Managing Director of Nutriset Group


Founded in 1991 and approved by UNICEF Supply Division in 2019 for the supply for RUTF, Hexagon Nutrition is a recognized player in the fight against malnutrition. This franchise agreement with the Nutriset Group and its entry into the PlumpyField network will allow Hexagon Nutrition to expand its offerings in the fight against malnutrition.


«Today is a landmark day of signing agreement between the PlumpyField network and Hexagon Nutrition, opening up new markets and opportunities for both entities ». I strongly believe in combining strengths of both entities and feel confident that this mega association will pave way for building long term relationship.»

Arun Kelkar, Chairman and Co-Founder of Hexagon Nutrition


«As we enter the PlumpyField network, we look forward to combating malnutrition globally by combining Hexagon Nutrition’s global reach along with Nutriset’s wide and high-quality range of ready-to-use-food products »

Vikram Kelkar, Managing Director of Hexagon Nutrition


About Hexagon Nutrition

Started in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. is a dedicated company offering innovative solutions for nutrition around the world. The company’s reach is wide spread and operates in over 70 countries worldwide, currently. It has 3 up and running, state of the art factories throughout India – Nasik, Chennai and Thoothukkudi. It has 3 segments:

  • Micronutrient Premixes that provides custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products around the world
  • Clinical Nutrition Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers
  • Therapeutic Products targeted at malnourished populations

Hexagon Nutrition’s expertise in the premix business extends to over 25 years in creating blends of vitamins and minerals for flour, beverages, dairy products, fats and oils, noodles, etc. The expert research and development team works with the clients to analyse the specifications and nutritional claims. The company also offers analytical testing and stability testing to ensure that the product has the nutrients it claims. The company has strong footprints with a large market across more than 70 countries. The customer base is domestic as well as international and appreciates the reliability and personal warmth while providing world-class solutions in health, disease, wellness and lifestyle management.


About the Plumpyfield network

Within the Nutriset Group, the PlumpyField network plays a special role in a unique and original approach. It brings together independent franchised contractors, based as close as possible, in countries affected by malnutrition. It produces nutritional solutions that meet international quality standards for the treatment and prevention of malnutrition. Through the use of local agricultural resources, the deployment of agri-industrial activity and their support for national health programmes, its members also contribute, in a sustainable way, to the development of their country.

Since its inception in 2005, the network, which now has twelve members, has supported 60 million children. Its current members are: Edesia (USA), Hexagon Nutrition (India), Hilina Enriched Foods (Ethiopia), InnoFaso (Burkina Faso), Meds and Food for Kids (Haiti), Nutriguinée (Guinea), Nutri-K/Dansa (Nigeria), Nutriset (France), Nutrivita Foods (India), Samil (Sudan), Food Processing Society (Niger), Tanjaka Food (Madagascar).

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