Guinguette at Miromesnil Castle Park

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, the Nutriset Group organized its traditional summer picnic in the park of the Château de Miromesnil, in Normandy, to share a convivial moment with colleagues and their families.

This year's theme was the “Ginguette”, packed with activities for the delight of young and old: inflatable structures, quizzes, etc. All accompanied by a typical music band, as well as waltz or tcha-tcha classes given by a professional dance troupe.

More than 300 people including a hundred children were present at this day full of energy and fun. Like every year, this day has been full of smiles and memories. We spent a friendly time, getting closer to other employees at all levels of the company, around a meal or during a game. It is the desired spirit of this particular time to be together, outside a work, for a moment "with family".


The Nutriset Group events team, made up of volunteers, is to be commended. This year again, their can-do attitude and efficiency allowed everyone to have a memorable day!

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