Support the well-being of the most vulnerable populations
Support the well-being of the most vulnerable populations

With the publication of its second COP (Communication on Progress), Nutriset Group is committed to meeting the challenges related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsabily) and sustainable development.


A member of Global Compact France since 2020, Nutriset Group renews its support for the United Nations Global Compact and reaffirms its commitment to respecting the ten principles of the Global Compact relating to:

  • Human rights
  • International labor standards
  • Environment
  • Ethics and fair practices


By the nature of its activity and its “Fight against Malnutrition” mandate, Nutriset Group brings direct contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, fully integrated in its corporate social responsability approach and strategy.

Despite the difficult 2021 year due to pandemic situation, Nutriset Group has made every effort to improve its social and  environmentalperformance.
With this second Communication on Progress (COP), we establish in full transparency the results of our actions led through our teams, our customers and the Group. This document demonstrates the measures taken to fulfill our commitments.

Although we have achieved most of the objectives we set for ourselves, we continue to mobilize all our efforts to be more ambitious in the years to come.

We invite you to discover them in the following pages: Nutriset Group COP.


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