Nutrition is a lever for improving the well-being of the most vulnerable populations
Nutrition is a lever for improving the well-being of the most vulnerable populations

On the occasion of the posting of its first Communication on Progress as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the Nutriset Group details here, in a series of articles, its societal and environmental policy.

A family business firmly rooted in its Normandy territory, the Nutriset Group is mainly deployed internationally. A globally recognized player, it designs, produces and distributes innovative nutritional solutions for vulnerable populations.

The use of its products makes nutrition a lever for improving the well-being of the most vulnerable populations, but also a lever for the economic development of the countries where they are locally manufactured and distributed. Since 2005, one hundred million people have been able to benefit from it.

One of the very first suppliers to the United Nations, in particular through Unicef ??and the World Food Program, a member of the Global Compact, the Nutriset Group makes its direct contribution to the achievement of ten of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally, Nutriset was the first company in France to include in its statutes, in 2015, an extended corporate purpose which perpetuates its founding mandate: "To provide effective proposals to the problems of nutrition / malnutrition".

This commitment represents, for the Group, a motivating framework to strengthen and better structure its societal action and its positive impact on its ecosystem, through three main axes:

  • A utility for society guaranteed by its mandate, by developing nutritional solutions that meet the needs expressed by vulnerable people, by contributing to the development of health policies through public-private partnerships and by supporting a sustainable agro-industry in programmatic countries.
  • Responsibility in the positive management of its ecosystem, by reducing its environmental footprint, by guaranteeing the employment, integrity and well-being of its employees, by deploying a responsible purchasing policy, etc.
  • A direct contribution to the common good, by initiating procedures for acquiring and sharing knowledge in the field of social or applied sciences or by supporting philanthropic initiatives aimed at vulnerable groups.

This policy primarily concerns the Group's French companies established in France, in Malaunay, in Normandy: the Nutriset-France production site, the Nutriset Développement company, which supports all activities through its support businesses, and the Onyx Développement company, the Group's holding company.

But this commitment is also intended to inspire, over time, all the societal and environmental actions of Group companies based in program countries, in particular through the PlumpyField network.


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