Abbé Pierre center

Throughout the past year Nutriset has supported the project of the future center devoted to Abbé Pierre, in Esteville, about twenty kilometers from Malaunay, the headquarters of the company.

This place will be inaugurated on 21 January and open to the public the next day. In this house that was used as a stopover for the Emmaus companions and where Abbé Pierre liked to come to relax, we can see the room where Abbé Pierre stayed and a series of rooms presenting the history, the actors and the missions of the Emmaus movement.

Abbé Pierre died on 22 January 2007 and is buried in the small cemetery of the village.
This place of memory, homage to Abbé Pierre and his companions also shows all the news of the movement since it is at the heart of an active community.


"Nutriset is particularly proud to have supported this structure that perpetuates the hard work of a visionary against poverty and inequality, in the North as in the South", says Michel Lescanne, founder of Nutriset. Beyond our philanthropic action, we wanted to emphasize the convergence of our mandates, that of Nutriset as that of Emmaus, serving the poor. For a very long time, one of Abbé Pierre’s struggles had been fighting against malnutrition in the South. It was normal for Nutriset to participate in this wonderful project".

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