Prashant Naik CEO of Nutrivita Foods

Specialising in the production of nutritional solutions and based in Pune (Maharashtra state), Nutrivita Foods came into being in 2010 through a partnership between Indian entrepreneurs and the French company Onyx Développement (Nutriset Group).

A member of the PlumpyField® network, Nutrivita locally produces RUTF and RUSF ready-to-use nutritional products based on the ranges developed by the French company Nutriset: Plumpy’Nut®, Plumpy’Sup™ and Plumpy’Doz™. Nutrivita has a production capacity of 2,500 tons a year. Regularly audited by Unicef and the World Food Programme and compliant with international quality standards, Nutrivita exports its products to Asia and the Horn of Africa.

In the last two years, Nutrivita has significantly enhanced its quality control systems by expanding its dedicated team and raising awareness of good practice with all of its staff. Based on the results of Unicef quality audits, it has been possible to implement continual improvement processes over time. Production facilities and installations have also undergone many technical improvements. Nutrivita is dedicated to continually improving the quality of its products, processes and services, achieving its objectives through the involvement and regular training of all employees.

Mr Prashant S. Naik, who will now head up the company, has extensive experience in matters related to health, nutrition and biotechnologies having held positions of responsibility in the pharmaceutical research and production sectors for 24 years. “On behalf of all the employees of the Nutriset Group, I sincerely thank Mr Nilkamal Joshi for all the work he has done,” declared Mrs Isabelle Lescanne, CEO of Onyx Développement. “Mr Joshi has achieved growth for Nutrivita and strengthened links with our Indian partners and partners of the PlumpyField network, as well as with international organisations such as Unicef or PAM whose support is very valuable to us. Mr Prashant S. Naik’s task will be to continue expanding our activities, particularly in India, and be attuned to all local needs, particularly with the most vulnerable populations. In this, he will benefit from the full support of Onyx Développement and the whole of the Nutriset Group.”

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