1. Safir's Equity investment in Bless Agri-Food Laboratory Services

    In Ethiopia, Bless Agri-Food Laboratory Services welcomes the company ...

  2. Support the well-being of the most vulnerable populations

    A renewed commitment to continuously improve its CSR approach

  3.  NutriGuinée in Guinea and Nutrik in Nigeria

    Nutriset Group in Nigeria and Guinea with the opening of two new produ...

  4. Nutrik - PlumpyField Member - Nigeria

    Le Sommet de la Nutrition pour la croissance 2021 et les engagements d...

  5. Chiche Chef! Chateau de Miromesnil Season 2

    Chiche Chef ! Season 2

  6. Signature du partenariat entre le Groupe Nutriset et EthioGabana

    Nutriset Group and EthioGabana Partnership

  7. Madagascar, Production Kick Off at Nutrisud

  8. An ethical: the United Nations Suppliers code


  10. Nutriset Group : a corporate culture based on respect for everyone

    A corporate culture that respects people

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