The Future Of : Réenchantez l’industrie !

How to reconsider the human dimension within an approach of industrial excellence?

Nutriset is the initiating partner of the fourth edition of the program "The Future Of : Réenchantez l’industrie !" hosted by SoScience with the thematic "How to reconsider the human dimension within an approach of industrial excellence?".

At the heart of the 17 Substainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United nations for the 2015-2030 period, the industrial sector can enable a rapid and sustained growth of level of living of all and provide solutions in terms of nutrition, health, energy, transport...

Building an industry that benefits each and every one of us is above all a collaborative effort to develop an agile, learning industry that dialogues with its ecosystem in complete transparency to deploy innovative, efficient and resilient means.

Nevertheless, the inevitable transition to a sustainable and responsible industry requires, first and foremost, an internal change for companies through the empowerment of their teams: an industrial sector that places well-being at the same level as technological excellence and promotes emergence of an inclusive and efficient industry responding to societal challenges.

In fact, how to place well-being at the same level as industrial excellence? What innovative means can empower and improve the teams? Can we imagine innovative ways to collaborate in the company and with external partners? By putting the human in the heart, can we engage a change of all actors for a positive impact industry?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a research partnership, or a researcher interested in developing solutions in the field, submit your application before the 31th January, 2018. 

The Future Of is a collaborative research program of SoScience on the Substainable Development Goals, in partnership with IRD and Campus de l'Innovation

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