Visit of the Nutriset factory with families employees

The month of December 2017 is another opportunity to introduce Nutriset backstage to our colleagues' relatives thanks to a discovery tour of our factory based in Malaunay, Normandy, and the opportunity to taste our products... Follow the guide!

The attendance is hight for this awareness raising activity, so visitors are divided in small groups of 10 people. The parents, spouses and children of our staff get a chance to learn about the manufacturing process of Nutriset products step by step.

A video presentation

The tour starts with a short video about the journey of a sachet of Plumpy'Nut®, the ready-to-use therapeutic food that was first developed by Nutriset and that saves millions of lives each year. The film shows how the finished product travels along the supply chain, from its boxing at our factory all the way up to humanitarian programs where it is eaten by children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Informative posters

After this reminder of the mandate of Nutriset, the visitors move inside the factory through the changing room where everyone puts personal protective equipment on and sanitizes their hands. The various stages of the process of manufacturing nutritional solutions are explained using informative posters displayed throughout the site. These provide key figures and indicators of the activity of the company and facilitate the question-and-answer sessions.

Product tasting

The tour ends with a tasting session of all Nutriset products, accompanied by a fruit juice or a hot drink. Visiting moms discover the Enov® range designed to support the growth of children through the nutritional supplementation of their pregnant and lactating mothers.

The youngest are delighted to try Growell® Child, a lipid-based nutritional supplement sold in shops and kiosks in modest neighborhoods of Ouagadougou, which is children (and adults) favorite product with its creamy texture and chocolate taste.

With more than 170 visitors, the operation is a success. That same day the families will meet later in the afternoon for Nutriset's Christmas party. That's another program!

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