Inauguration Tweed

Nutriset Group inaugurates TWEED, a food science research center based in France, near Rouen, in Malaunay (76).

Specializing in innovative nutrition and agri-food solutions for developing countries, Nutriset Group has opened a new research facility, at the crossroads of the company's business lines and in direct response to its mandate: "Working together to provide access to quality food ".

This new entity, called TWEED, is a collaborative space based on innovation and creativity. TWEED focuses on the acquisition of new knowledge and know-how in all food sciences, the development of plant-based products available in Southern countries and the transfer of know-how.

In a context where raw materials become objects of speculation even though their availability is a vital issue for millions of individuals, Nutriset Group has chosen to mobilize its teams on the valuation of raw materials. Ensuring access to animal proteins for the 7 billion people in the world (9 billion in 2050) will be a real challenge for the agri-food industry.

The inauguration of Tweed is an opportunity to highlight the creative processes and innovative products developed within the Center by Nutriset Group teams.

Nutriset Group's vocation is to imagine, design, produce and distribute solutions in the fields of nutrition and agri-food.

Grouping multiple partners in France and abroad, and operating in more than 10 countries, Nutriset Group articulates its activities, around the companies Nutriset and Onyx Développement, in three major sectors: Nutrition, Food and Partnerships.

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