Signature du partenariat entre le Groupe Nutriset et EthioGabana

Really proud to announce our partnership with EthioGabana to develop and produce fortified blended food for vulnerable populations in Ethiopia.

From august 2020 and after several visit in Ethiopia to visit Horra Group and discuss the project scope and objectives, we just received last week in Normandy-France Mr Adem Kedir, CEO of EthioGabana, and his team to celebrate the start of the project. Our vision is to transform agricultural raw materials such as maize and soya to produce high quality products. By doing so, we will contribute to develop agricultural supply chain and improve the whole quality of the sector by creating thousands of jobs, especially at smallholder level. Indeed children and mothers who are mostly affected by malnutrition require a nutritionnal products that meets high quality standards.

The expertise of NUTRISET’s Group in nutrition and technology transfert coupled with the strong national footprint of EthioGabana in agriculture but also in distribution will be a strong asset to make those products available for the government of Ethiopia, UN agencies, NGOs but also the people of Ethiopia through last-mile delivery in retailed channels.

With this partnership, we will answer national needs and export to neighbouring countries in the Horn of Africa. We want to have this local response while most of this food is today imported and needs are increasing due to the instability in the region. Factory works have already started and we expect to be in production in the coming months. This « state-of-the-art » factory will be a reference for the whole region in terms of technology and quality level.

Thanks to our experience with HILINA Foods’s company since 2007 in Ethiopia producing Ready-to-Use Foods, this new partnership will be an additionnal asset to fight malnutrition with a local solution.

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