Nutriset exhibitor DIHAD

Nutriset is a featured exhibitor of the Dubai International Humanitairian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition  - DIHAD, from 21st to 24th March 2016, as part of the French Delegation led by M. André Vallini, Secretary of State in charge of Development and Francophonie. 

At DIHAD 2016, the company wants to share its expertise and its power of innovation to humanitarian and development partners.

Academic research and R&D are at the core of Nutriset’s mandate in order to ensure continuous improvement of its products. The efficacy and acceptability studies focused on vulnerable populations are added to the constant efforts made to optimize production processes and techniques. This approach accounts for a significant investment aimed to make products ever more accessible and to reinforce the impact of programmes against malnutrition that use them.

As a responsible entreprise, Nutriset reaches out and supports agro businesses located in the southern emisphere. By establishing the network of like-minded producers, Nutriset has made possible the production of nutritional solutions closer to the demand, while also adding value to local ingredients and boosting the economy in countries where PlumpyField® is operational.

The participation of Nutriset within the French Delegation at DIHAD 2016, together with NGOs, private sector operators and public institutions, illustrates the contribution of Nutriset as a dynamic company, working as an active partner in the humanitarian sector and that uses innovation to fight malnutrition.

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