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The Nutriset Group has just joined the UN initiative of the Global Compact through its French network. The Global Compact, established in 2000 by the UN General Secretariat, aims to encourage businesses around the world to adopt a socially responsible attitude based on ten principles of commitment to human rights, labour law, the environment and the fight against corruption. 

The Nutriset Group's membership in the Global Compact makes sense in more ways than one because its agri-food business dedicated to humanitarian and health makes it one of the first suppliers of the United Nations, notably through Unicef and World Food Programme. The production and distribution of its nutritional solutions helps to strengthen the daily action of these agencies within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The mandate of the Nutriset Group and its stated societal commitment, notably through the adoption of an expanded corporate purpose, also promotes its convergence with the principles of the Global Compact. 

In addition to this shared interest with the United Nations, the Nutriset Group also sees this commitment within the Global Compact as a motivating framework to strengthen its societal actions as part of a platform for the exchange and sharing of international actors with common values and objectives. It is also an opportunity for him to better structure his CSR around ten world-renowned principles, to consolidate and enhance his initiatives in this field and to make known its actions, especially through an an contribution. 

The Global Compact France brings together 1200 companies and 100 non-profit organisations. The Nutriset Group is particularly proud and happy to join them. 

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