On June 14, 2018, President Alpha Condé lays the foundation stone of the Nutriguinée factory,togethe with Isabelle Lesca



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Nutriguinée : laying of the first stone


At the initiative of the President of Guinea and his government, was inaugurated yesterday a project of agro-industrial site specialized in the manufacture of nutritional solutions for vulnerable populations.
This laying of the foundation stone kick-starts the construction of an international quality standards factory that will be instrumental to better fight malnutrition in the country and in the region. This project, based in Dubréka in Guinea, is run by Nutriguinée, a subsidiary company of Groupe Nutriset.
"Acting on nutrition is about investing in human capital and gray matter; it is about ensuring that children can learn well at school and give the best of themselves to society and the development of their country", recalled Isabelle Lescanne, President of Nutriguinée and representative of Nutriset Group.

Through his presence, President Alpha Condé, accompanied by the members of his government, sent a strong signal of support to Nutriguinée.

In his speech, the President confirmed the commitment of his government to implement an effective policy for better management of malnutrition in Guinea. As he recalled, the situation of very young mothers is particularly worrying and requires preventive action at the national level.

Finally, the President underlined his satisfaction to welcome a company of intermediate size, breeding ground of the French economy, model of attractiveness for Guinea.

The Ministers present also welcomed this initiative, which was necessary for the country, and confirmed their support and wishes for success.

The French ambassador, Jean Marc Grosgurin, welcomed the strong commitment of the Guinean authorities to fight against the food and nutritional insecurity which constitutes one of the major challenges of the country.

As a French family group, Nutriset Group has been working for more than 30 years in Africa and around the world to serve vulnerable populations. Its action articulates around three major sectors: the provision of nutritional solutions for health programs, financial support for the development of a sustainable agro-industry in southern countries and access to quality food adapted to local needs.

The project inaugurated today in Dubréka, supported by its subsidiary Nutriguinée, is part of this three-pronged approach.

"Our ambition with Nutriguinée is not only to produce high-quality, innovative food products that meet international standards, but also to develop a close collaboration with the various nutrition players- the Ministry of Health, as well as United Nations agencies such as the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, the World Food Programme, or the United Nations Development Programme. Nutriguinée aims at being a tool for better management of nutrition.” said Isabelle Lescanne.

Nutritional solutions for health actors
A part of the first activities of Nutriguinée will be setting up the production of therapeutic foods and nutritional supplements to cover the needs of the programs implemented by institutional actors, working with the Ministry of Health and its technical and financial partners, including UNICEF and the WFP, but also non-governmental organizations. The Dubréka factory reinforces the means of action to tackle malnutrition in Guinea and the region.
Participate in the development of a sustainable agro-industry
The development of the agricultural sector, support to Guinean smallholders and producers is integral to the mandate of Nutriguinée, with intent to purchase raw materials available locally such as peanut, palm oil, rice, maize or cowpea. Close partnerships with stakeholders in this sector will be put in place to ensure that the materials used meet the highest quality and nutritional standards.
The celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of Nutriguinée is a reminder of the objective of the company to be an active partner in the development of a sustainable agro-industry in Guinea through job creation, skills enhancement and the production of quality finished products, that bring added value on the whole supply chain.
Facilitate access to quality food
With the construction of this factory based in Dubréka, Nutriguinée joins the international network of PlumpyField® producers who manufacture and distribute the nutritional solutions and food products developed by Nutriset Group. In the mid to long term, Nutriguinée plans to leverage its research and technological expertise to make innovative new food products accessible to the greatest number through traditional distribution channels.

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