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Nutrition is key to grow well: Triggerise and Nutriset pilot a new ready-to-use food product developed to prevent malnutrition in children, that tastes good, and is sold by and delivered to members of the community!

Triggerise and Nutriset are proud to announce their partnership to pilot the distribution of Growell®, a new food product for pregnant and lactating women and children up to two years old. Growell® was developed to address the burden of chronic malnutrition, otherwise known as stunting, in South Africa.

Despite advances in universal health coverage, many communities, mothers and children are affected by chronic malnutrition. The Global Nutrition Report estimates that nearly 1 out of 4 children in South Africa is affected by stunting.

Starting with a pilot study in Soweto Johannesburg, Growell® will be introduced through the innovative distribution and promotion system Triggerise has developed through their flagship rewards-based platform Tiko Pro®. The study will evaluate the impact of this digital platform to motivate consumers to trial and adoption of Growell®, as well as capture user feedback on the product and the Triggerise technology driven system.

“The partnership with Triggerise explores new ways to tackle chronic malnutrition in South Africa. With Growell® products now available in spaza shops, easy-to-use nutrient supplements are easy to access and affordable.” says Yohan Chambaud, Project Manager for Southern Africa for Nutriset.

“Growell® products fit perfectly in the Tiko Pro® product basket. As an entrepreneurial network, Tiko Pro® is designed to create health and wealth impact with a substantive product and service basket for the community. Growell® gives Tiko Pros another opportunity to earn while providing a healthy, affordable snack option directly to the community.” explains Dejus Abreu, Global Marketing Director of Triggerise.

Poor nutrition is amongst the key factors that impair the growth and development of a child, particularly in the early stages, from the womb up to two years old, when weakened growth has tragic consequences later in life: poor learning skills, low educational performance, lost productivity and an increased risk of nutrition-related chronic diseases in adult life.

Triggerise builds reward based platforms to deliver health solutions to underserved communities where traditional aid fails to address the changing needs of fragile markets. We employ a peer-to-peer approach that connects consumers to entrepreneurs —giving them both the power to access and deliver aid on their own terms. Building on these relationships, we use rewards mechanisms to motivate consumers to make positive choices— helping them to overcome individual barriers as they arise while adding value back into their economies. Founded in 2014, Triggerise is a global non-profit headquartered in The Netherlands.

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