© Jean-François LANGE
© Jean-François LANGE

The Nutriset Group is equipped with a new development hall dedicated to extrusion. This state-of-the-art 1000 m2 pilot site is equipped with a complete line to develop extruded plant-based flour.

In a global context of food insecurity, access to vegetable proteins to meet the needs of a growing world population is a real challenge for the agri-food industry.

For years, the Nutriset Group has been developing local raw materials in countries of the global South where it operates. Extrusion is one of the recognized processes for improving the nutritional value of these materials.

In order to pursue its research and development activities on an industrial scale, and wishing to open this technology to others, the Nutriset Group avails a new service with a site entirely dedicated to extrusion.

This hall is composed of equipment performing upstream and downstream of the extrusion process, covering all operational units:

•             EXTRUSION-COOKING: with 3 extruders (2 TWIN SCREW, 1 SINGLE SCREW) From 50 to 150kg/h, equipped with cutter. Thermoregulated if necessary. Tracking of process parameters.

•             DRYING-COOLING: with a fluid bed dryer. From 50 to 200kg/h, air up to 150°C (air/steam exchanger). Batch or continuous. Cooling air filtration.

•             GRINDING – SIFTING: From 20 to 150kg/h, up to 100μm. Possibility of collecting up to 3 granulometric fractions. Recycling of over-sized particles is possible, if necessary.

The applications of this industrial tool are numerous: the production of value-added flours as ingredients for ready-to-use foods destined for humanitarian programs. But also the manufacturing of instant drinks, coextruded (pads or sticks), coated snacks, filled cereals, sandwiches simple or filled, textured proteins, or analogues of meat or cheese.

Compliant with international quality standards, this new space offers direct access to state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team. The Nutriset Group opens it to academics, consultants and agribusinesses, for development and manufacturing tests.

The support team, composed of an engineer and a technician, can accompany clients in their projects. Other services are available as needed, such as additional analyzes, literature reviews, raw material purchases or coextruded forage production.


For additional information: extrusion@nutriset.fr 


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