Earth University 2011

Michel Lescanne, founder and President of Nutriset, participates in a panel discussion along with Emmanuel Faber Danone's Chief Operating Officer and Susan George, author and Honorary President of Attac ...

Created at the initiative of François Lemarchand, President of the Foundation Nature & Discoveries, The Earth University was inaugurated in November 2005 at Unesco. 

Four editions has been held and already thousands of people attended to it by forming a more and more large audience. 

In 2011, 18,000 people came to "Building a new society" around 60 people who leaded these meetings at the occasion of the 21 conferences of the 4th edition. 

The Earth University is a crossroads of reflection and debate, which offers two days of discovery and exchange open to all of the major themes concerning the society and the environment. 
Appointment of knowledge, it invites business leaders, scientists, economists, politicians, men of religion, sociologists, all aware of the challenges that threaten our planet, to testify and share their expertise, worldview of today and tomorrow. 

For the 2011 edition, Michel Lescanne, Founder and President of Nutriset, participates in a panel discussion entitled "Overcoming hunger and how to feed seven billion people?"

This question arises from the creation of mankind and has, to date, never received a satisfactory answer. The challenge seems insurmountable ... .. except for the founder of Nutriset.

Indeed, Michel Lescanne offers us a more optimistic view by saying that if malnutrition remains a permanent harm, we are now able to cure it. Nutriset and its range of nutritional solutions against malnutrition are the perfect example.

As for the reasons of this disorder worldwide, it focuses on the lack of diversity of agricultural crops as well as the dichotomy between urban and rural areas which prevent the developing countries from getting a balanced diet. For him, it is therefore the process of transforming raw materials and the production tool that has to be rethought.

Michel Lescanne is convinced that today no one can ignore and deny the necessity for a development of an agro-food sector in developing countries. Indeed, the emergence of the food industry would provide a power supply taking into account local food habits and avoid the massive importation of food and the risk of addiction associated with it.

He said the food is the logical continuation of farming, step that it is important not to stigmatize.

However, he stressed that we have the duty to create this development within the respect of ethical, responsible and respectful standards for individuals and populations.

Faithful to the mandate of Nutriset, Michel Lescanne reaffirms its sole objective: feeding the victims of child malnutrition by proposing the development of self-nutrition in developing countries

Earth University edition has been the forum for exchanges between experts and the public. The public was able to participate in discussions and did not hesitate to ask questions. Together they sought to reconcile their respective interests in favor of well-being and respect for ecological balance. Gathered around a single goal: building a new society to allow men to live in dignity, solidarity and sharing, and invent a new mode of development based on changes in the modes of production and consumption and this in all areas: energy, transport, housing, agriculture and health.

The next University of the land will take place hopefully as soon as possible.

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