Chiche Chef! Chateau de Miromesnil Season 2

Initiated and sponsored by Les Nids Foundation, France Terre d'Asile associationLes Amis de Miromesnil association and the Nutriset Group, this culinary awareness campaign, which combines gastronomy and solidarity, has just rekindled its stoves for a new season at the Château de Miromesnil.


On October 20, echoing World Food Day, celebrated each year on October 16, Season 2 of Chiche Chef began! with, in the kitchen, Gabin Bouguet, Chef of the Donjon restaurant in Etretat. Chef Gabin Bouguet offered his “one-day brigades”: ten young people followed by the Les Nids foundation from Havre and ten refugees accompanied by France Terre d'Asile, varied and nutritious vegetarian menus based on butternut, squash and chickpeas.

Chiche Chef ! is an unprecedented initiative, created in 2019, which offers children of Social Assistance to Children as well as asylum seekers and refugees from Seine-Maritime, an initiation into cooking that is both fun, educational and practical. . For a day, participants are invited to make simple and attractive recipes and to discover, under the guidance of a great chef, the keys to healthy, tasty and nutritious food.

This original experience is based on a simple observation: young people who leave Social Assistance for Children at 18 years and 4 months must be independent in terms of food, although they have mostly been used to collective catering. As for the refugees, they are going through an unprecedented food and cultural transition. However, a healthy, nutritious and tasty food is a vector of good health and can be accessible to all thanks to a minimum of key knowledge.

As in the previous season, which took place in 2019, during four meetings over the four seasons, participants are invited to go through different workshops to master the few basic rules in terms of cooking and cooking. food. It teaches good conservation and hygiene practices. We discover the different food families and the secret of a balanced meal.

We learn to beware of sugars and salts hidden in processed dishes and industrial preparations. You get to know and value seasonal vegetables and fruits there. As a team, the participants then embark on the creation of recipes proposed by the partner chef. With few utensils and materials, starting with simple and inexpensive basic foods, the participants discover, in joy and good humor, culinary techniques and the pleasure of cooking.





Each episode brings together ten young people at the Château de Miromesnil, followed by the Les Nids foundation; ten refugees supported by France-Terre d´Asile, four employees of the Nutriset Group, as well as a partner chef who will offer his recipes and accompany the trainees throughout the day.



The Chiche Chef calendar!

Seasonal meetings: four events in the year, one per season, because it is important to adapt your culinary preparations to the local fruits and vegetables available at each time of the year. It's good for your health, your wallet and the planet!



Season 2, meetings...

  • 2021 october 20th (World Alimentation Day October 16een)
  • 2022 january 6th (International Education day)
  • 2022 April 22nd (Journée internationale de la Terre nourricière, April 27th)
  • 2022 June 15een (Journée internationale de la gastronomie durable, June 18een)




The schedule of a Chiche Chef! day

  • In the morning: creation of teams + passage to 5 workshops + discovery of the castle's vegetable garden
  • Noon: lunch together in the dining room of the castle the afternoon: practice in the kitchen!
  • l’après-midi : mise en pratique en cuisine !
    • The culinary workshop starts at 2 p.m. and ends around 5 p.m.
    • Each team makes different recipes: a main course and a dessert.
    • The chef comes to see each team, gives advice, participates, exchanges ...
    • It is possible to demonstrate to all the teams at the start of the cooking session.
    • In the allotted time, the jury will taste the dishes, take an interest in the history of the plate, the dressage ...
    • The jury tastes all the dishes then deliberates and gives each team a "price" for the dish (taste, dressage, etc.) and a "price" for the team (cohesion, creativity, ex.)
    • A small gift is given to all participants


Next Meeting

January 26th !

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