Nutriset operational excellence

Obtaining a constant quality of its products, being able to guarantee a production capacity which is always higher than demand, anticipating the future needs...
To take these challenges up, Nutriset has to constantly ensure the excellence of its production, from the purchase of raw materials to the distribution of finished products - and to provide its partners with a high-performance and innovative industrial tool.

The continuous development of Nutriset's activities involves the constant adaptation of its industrial tool in order to meet all the needs.
- Nutriset has reorganized the zoning of its premises in Malaunay, adopting a new classification of the different areas of the plant, which involves mandatory paths, depending on the risks.
- It has generalized its heat treatment processes, which consist of bringing some raw materials to high temperatures in order to lower their microbial load.
- It has transposed this industrial scaling up to its partners of the PlumpyField® network, STA (Niger) and InnoFaso (Burkina Faso).
- It has also optimized the flows of raw materials in terms of purchase, storage and use, in order to be able to ensure consistent and seamless production, always.


But Nutriset has mainly focused on a new work organization and on upskilling the production staff. Employees are now dedicated to the two main process areas of the plant: the raw materials process area - to prepare the ingredients (grinding, mixing, etc.) - and the packaging area (bagging, packing, shipping, etc.). The co-workers organize themselves to facilitate the independance of tasks and empowerment of initiatives, under the direction of shift supervisors, their deputies and manufacturing cell leaders.
This organization makes it possible to gain fluidity, responsiveness, inventiveness and competence and, consequently, to improve production capacities.

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